Preventing Adult Tooth Loss

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The statistics on partial and total tooth loss among American adults are shocking. The average adult has 32 teeth, 28 if you’ve had your wisdom teeth removed. However, an American adult, ages 20 to 64, has an average of 24 teeth. While it is essential to understand the causes of tooth loss in adults, it is equally important learn about preventing adult tooth loss

Why You Should Care About Tooth Loss

Often, we focus on the teeth in the smile zone. However, we need to ensure the overall health of all our teeth because each tooth serves an important role. Our teeth help us to speak properly, bite and chew. While you should find comfort in Wytheville Dental Groups’ specialty in replacing missing teeth, we aim to arm you with the proper knowledge to keep every precious tooth.

How You Can Prevent Tooth Loss

1. Observe proper oral hygiene.

Gum disease is the lead cause of tooth loss, with poor or complete lack of proper oral hygiene being the most significant contributor to this disease. The bacteria that damage your gums feed on tiny food particles and sugar residue in your mouth. You can fight these bacteria by brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day.

2. Visit your dentist every six months.

We love to see your beautiful smiles at the office. To keep those smiles radiant, we advise you to schedule regular visits to allow us to catch any issues early and minimize the risk of gum disease.

3. Foods and diet

You already know, minimizing your sugar intake can help. We also recommend that you incorporate foods like crunchy vegetables into your diet to prevent tooth decay. Limit your consumption of acidic drinks and foods. Acidic drinks like sodas change the pH balance of your mouth and destroy your teeth. Following up your soda with a glass of water helps to restore your mouth’s pH balance.


  • Wytheville dentists can fit you for a mouthguard to prevent tooth loss during sports.
  • Using your teeth to open bottles and lids can lead to tooth fractures.

Schedule An Appointment

The sad reality of adult tooth loss is that the tooth fairy will, unfortunately, not be visiting you. The dentists at Wytheville Dental Group are happy and ready to fight any threats to your oral health. Contact us today to replace teeth you have already lost or for more tips on preventing adult tooth loss.