Causes of Tooth Loss – 3 Most Common

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Over time, it has become increasingly easier to manage the common causes of tooth loss. You can now keep your teeth healthy without too much of a hassle. All the same, it is advisable to uphold dental hygiene and regularly visit your dentist for checkups and cleanings. Tooth infection occurs due to the following common causes.

Gum Disease

Also known as periodontal disease, it is the most prevalent cause of tooth decay and eventual loss among adults. It accounts for over 70% of missing teeth in adults in America. The disease is a result of attacks by bacteria followed by inflammation in the gums. The disease leads to the destruction of the jawbone underneath the gums, and teeth will lack support.


Bacterial infection can also cause cavities that turn into tooth decay. An untreated cavity destroys the pulp of the tooth and results in a root canal. Early treatment and practicing good health can help you prevent cavities and lead to the causes of tooth loss. Also, choose healthy foods and drinks.

Physical Injury

Accidents can happen when you least expect them. You can protect yourself from such occurrences using mouth guards, especially during physical activity. Be vigilant at all times to ensure you stay out of harm’s way. It would also be best if you refrained from using your teeth to remove lids, caps, loosen knots, cut thread, or tear off tags. You could easily chip a tooth or lose it completely.

In addition, other diseases can be risk factors for your teeth. It would be best to consult your dentist if you have diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, and Arthritis to help you cope effectively.

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