Prepare For Your Dentist Appointment

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If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the dentist, there is no need to worry. As easy as it is to feel nervous, know your dentist will not judge you. Here are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for your dentist appointment if it’s been a while!


If possible the best thing to do before your appointment is to brush your teeth! It will make you feel more at ease and not concerned if your breath smells or if you have anything in your teeth. If you are unable to do so, don’t worry your dentist will not judge you. This recommendation is more so to help you feel more comfortable and confident in your teeth before a professional takes a peek.


If you are seeing a new dentist, it’s important to update them with your dental history. You’ll likely need to fill out some initial paperwork and fill out various forms. The purpose of some of these forms is to have your previous dental records transferred to the new office. As stated before, this is done, so your new dentist has an idea of your dental history. This is also the perfect time to update your new office on any procedures you’ve had done or previous dental concerns that may or may not have been solved.


After your paperwork has been completed, you’ll begin your appointment. The first thing your hygienist will do is take dental x-rays. Again, this is done so your dentist has a better insight into your oral health. X-rays allow your dentist a closer look into your teeth and jaw. Once your x-rays are finished, your cleaning will begin! Your hygienist will start by cleaning all the plaque and tartar off your teeth. They use special tools that allow them to reach tough places your regular toothbrush might not reach. After this, you will choose what type of toothpaste you like, and the brushing will start. The dental hygienist will begin by brushing the backs of your teeth, then move to the front. When this is done, you’re ready to see the dentist!

The dentist will come to see you after your cleaning is finished. He or she will take a look inside your mouth and may ask you a few questions. This is the best time to voice any concerns you may have. If your dentist notices something that needs to be addressed, they will do so at this time. This is also when they’ll discuss any future treatment plans with you, and then you are finished!

If it’s time for you to make a dentist appointment, don’t hesitate to call Wytheville Dental Group. At Wytheville Dental we offer a variety of services to meet the needs of our patients. We will meet you where you are at and make this process as easy as possible. To learn more visit us online here today!