Mouth Guard: Truth Revealed

 In Dental Care

Are mouth guards beneficial, or are they overrated? The truth is that a mouth guard acts as a protector to your teeth. For example, they can protect your teeth from bruxism, the risk of getting a hit to the face during a sports game, or when taking part in a non-contact sports activity like ice skating, biking, or gymnastics.

Why Get a Custom-Fitted Mouth guard?

Since it is possible to get stock guards from sporting goods and drug stores or get a mouth-formed guard, you might be wondering if getting custom-fitted is worth it.

Offers Comfort

Custom-fitted guards will offer you a high level of comfort and protection. That is because they are made from casts that fit your teeth. A qualified dentist will make an impression of your teeth and use it to make the mold that will serve you best. The making of these mouth guards is to ensure they fit you perfectly.

Based On Activity

A qualified prosthodontic will examine your teeth and compare their condition to the activity you are doing. This step is important as it will ensure they design a mouth guard that will serve you best. So, you will have peace of mind with the activity you will be doing.

Get Durability

The other reason to visit a dentist to make the guard for you is to use the best products in the market. That helps in making certain that they make the best product. A quality product will offer you the best protection and ensure that it serves you for a long time.

Wytheville Dental Group

At the Wytheville Dental Group, we listen to our clients’ mouth guard needs. We aim to make your goal our goal. That is why we are dedicated and have modern tools to treat our patients. We treat all our patients, young or old, as a family and offer them the best case. We have skilled experts who will offer you the best guard to provide the protection you need.