Yellow Teeth: 5 Causes To Know

 In Dental Care

contact us Personal confidence is highly associated with the nature of everyone’s teeth nature. A need that keeps us looking in the mirror to identify the exact color of our teeth and know all the changes taking place. Yellow teeth is a gradual process and, therefore, easy to overlook.

If you express the above condition, worry no more since it does not signify any serious medical condition. Read along to point out the main causes to help you build back your confidence lost earlier by knowing how to limit exposure and limit such things.

Aging Sign

Aging is related to yellow teeth side effects. For instance, when you age, teeth can begin yellowing naturally. The white protective coating found on the teeth, commonly known as enamel, continuously fades dues to your teeth’ daily wear and tear.

Smoking Effects

Smoking is another cause of yellow teeth. The tobacco products found in cigarettes and other piped smoke stain teeth. The more you consume such products, the darker your teeth become.

Medication Effects

Some medications like the antibiotics tetracycline and doxycycline may darken children’s teeth below eight years. In addition, some antipsychotic medications and high blood pressure drugs can stain adults’ teeth. A professional physician can help you tackle the side effects of the medications you are taking or are about to take easily.

Illness Sign

Even though the teeth yellowing is not a serious medical condition to worry you, it can also signify that you are ill. Tooth discoloration means that your enamel is affected or that you are going through treatment for a certain disease like chemotherapy and radiation used for cancer treatment. The discoloration, in this case, is brownish.

Hygiene Measures

Like any other body part, your teeth require high hygienic measures. Failure to brush your teeth routinely, rinse and floss your mouth to get rid of the tartar and build-up plaque, and the discoloration can easily happen to your teeth.

You can maintain your white teeth and smile from regular teeth brushing and less smoking habits. To achieve longer dental health,  let a professional dentist to guide you through the entire process. Contact Wytheville Dental for help with yellow teeth.