X-Rays: What to Expect

 In Dental Care

If you’re in Virginia and require teeth x-rays, Wytheville Dental Group is here to assist with this procedure and any other dental needs you may have. This guide outlines the reasons for getting teeth x-rays, preparation tips, and how our practice can support you.

Reasons for Teeth X-Rays

Teeth x-rays are typically conducted annually, though certain factors such as age, dental health, or a history of dental issues may necessitate more frequent screenings. Additionally, if you switch dentists, they may request x-rays to assess your oral health, while children may need them more often to monitor proper development of adult teeth.

Preparation Tips

Generally, teeth x-rays require no specific preparation, although your dentist may provide instructions based on your circumstances. Ensuring your teeth are thoroughly brushed beforehand helps ensure accurate results. During the procedure, you’ll wear a lead apron and sit in a chair, either in a dedicated room or alongside your regular dental cleaning.

Getting Teeth X-Rays Nearby

At Wytheville Dental Group, we prioritize prosthodontic and general dentistry, tailoring our approach to meet your individual needs. With a commitment to utilizing the latest dental techniques, we treat patients with the highest standard of care, treating them like family. If you require teeth x-rays or any other dental services, visit our website for further information and to schedule an appointment. We’re eager to assist you.