Wisdom Teeth: What You Should Know

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Wisdom teeth are the last molar teeth that appear at the furthest corner of the jaw. Also known as third molars, they normally appear between late teens and early twenties, probably 17 to 21 years. Most adults have one wisdom tooth in each quadrant, summing up four.

What Is Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Some people may not have all four wisdom teeth; sometimes, they are impacted. They are trapped in the gum or unable to rise steadily. There are different types of impaction, such as;

  • Mesioangular impaction: Wisdom teeth take an angle towards the front of your mouth.
  • Vertical impaction: Wisdom tooth does not manage to push through the jawline.
  • Distoangular impaction: Wisdom tooth takes an angle towards the back of the mouth.
  • Horizontal impaction: Wisdom tooth takes 90 degrees under the gum and meets the root of the molar next to it.

Why You May Need To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Impacted wisdom teeth may sometimes be painful and cause infection, leading to difficulty in brushing. Bacteria and food particles get stuck between the wisdom tooth and the molar, causing tooth decay and pericoronitis.

Overcrowding due to lack of space may also push other teeth sideways, causing friction on the walls of the mouth, leading to ulcers and discomfort when feeding. Their position makes them hard to clean, exposing them to decay and gum disease. They develop in a sac within the jaw, causing cysts and sometimes tumors.

Not all wisdom teeth cause problems, but dentists recommend removal to avoid future problems.

When To See a Doctor                                                   

Impacted teeth may show symptoms when infected, such as; bleeding gums, bad breath, swollen gums and jaw pain. It may be an impacted tooth if you experience any of these symptoms at the furthest end of your jaw. Seek a dentist’s attention.

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