What Happens At A Dentist Appointment?

 In Dental Care

There are plenty of people in the world afraid of the dentist. Some fear the dentist so much, they don’t ever go. At Wytheville Dental, we make sure our patients are relaxed and comfortable during every appointment. We want you to know what happens at a routine dentist appointment, so you can feel prepared.


Once you arrive at the dentist you will check in with the front desk and wait for your turn. When it is time, a dental hygienist will bring you to the chair you will be sitting in for your appointment. Sometimes offices have different rooms, while others have dividers. If you have never been to this dentist before, it is likely they will want to take X-rays. This is so the doctor can exam your teeth more in depth. This is a quick and painless process the hygienist will walk you through. Once this is done, your cleaning will begin.


The purpose of dental cleaning is to reach the tough spots you can’t with your toothbrush. Plaque and tartar require dental tools for removal. You cannot remove these things with just an ordinary toothbrush. Your hygienist will go through and gently scrape the plaque off your teeth. While doing so, they will provide small amounts of water and a suction tool to help keep your mouth clean. Neither of the tools are painful. Once this process is finished, they will move on to the brushing. You will have a choice of which toothpaste you prefer for the brushing. They will then gently brush the front and backs of your teeth, making sure to get every crevice. Last but not least, your hygienist will floss your teeth. This allows them to closely inspect your gums for any signs of gum disease, infection, etc. Your hygienist will do this very carefully to make sure you are not in pain. If something feels off, please let them know!

Dentist Visit

Once your cleaning is complete, the hygienist will let the doctor know you are ready. The dentist will come in at the end to check in and see how you are doing. If there are any oral issues, this is typically the time they will be discussed. Your dentist will likely check your teeth and smile at this time. As stated before, if any procedures or further appointments are needed, this is when they will be discussed. Once the doctor is done, you are finished!

Seeing the dentist isn’t as scary as people think. It typically involves cleaning and a check-up with your doctor. This allows your doctor to update your oral progress and ensure everything is happy and healthy. At Wytheville Dental we promise to make each of our patients comfortable during their appointments. If you’d like to schedule a dentist appointment or learn more, you can contact us online here!