Questions About Tooth Decay

 In Dental Care

Tooth decay is something that none of us want to have, but can sometimes be hard to avoid. The more you know about tooth decay, the better prepared you will be to stop it from happening. Here are three important questions that people have about tooth decay.

Why does tooth decay happen?

Tooth decay happens because the sugar and starches from the carbohydrates that you eat sit on your teeth. The bacteria in your mouth then turn these sugars and starches into acid that then create plaque on your teeth. This plaque eats away the enamel that each tooth has and causes cavities to form.

How can I prevent tooth decay?

Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to try and prevent tooth decay. One of the most important things that you can do is brush and floss your teeth twice each day with a toothpaste that contains fluoride. When it comes to the foods that you eat, try to avoid sugary and starchy carbohydrates and instead focus on eating more nutrient-dense foods. If you do eat something with a lot of sugars and starches, be sure to brush your teeth after eating them.

You also need to visit the dentist regularly to make sure your teeth are healthy. They will be able to take x-rays of your teeth, perform an oral examination, and also clean your teeth professionally. When at the dentist, you may also want to ask for sealants that add an extra layer of protection to your teeth.

What do I do if I already have tooth decay?

If you already have tooth decay, all hope is not lost. The next step in this situation is to visit your dentist to have him examine your teeth and choose the best course of treatment. He will likely put a filling into the hole or “cavity” in your tooth to protect it from decaying any further.

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