Process of Getting Dentures

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Dentures are an excellent option for those missing teeth from a variety of situations. Patients who are missing teeth are great candidates for dentures. They could be missing teeth from an accident, medical issues, gum disease, or tooth decay. Regardless of the cause, dentures can make your smile look brand new!


A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. There are two different types of dentures available, which include complete or partial. Complete dentures are meant for those missing all their teeth, while partial is for those missing some teeth. The purpose is to create a full looking smile once again. Oftentimes patients find that they help fill out their facial appearance, improve their smile, and boost their confidence!


Dentures are not created and fitted to your mouth in one appointment. During your first appointment, your dentist will take impressions of your jaw and various measurements. This includes measuring space in between teeth. After this process, your dentist will create a model in the exact shape of the denture being made. This gives you the opportunity to essentially try out your denture before your final appointment. This helps your dentist figure out the right size, shape, and color of your final denture. Once this step is complete, the final denture is created.

As with anything new, it may take a moment to fully adjust to your new dentures. If they are not adhesive, you’ll adjust to putting them in and taking them out. It’s common to experience minor irritation or soreness with your new dentures. It’s not something your jaw or mouth is used to, so it can take a moment to adjust.

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