Keeping Your Oral Health a Priority

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The holidays are great for spending time with family and eating delicious food. Since this season is filled with sweet and salty foods and drinks, it’s essential to keep your oral health a priority. Here’s why.


Sweets are one of the main culprits for cavities in children and adults. Children tend to be more prone to cavities because of their diet and inconsistent dental routine. Sometimes they miss a brush here and there, but over time that can add up! Cavities are decayed areas of your teeth that develop into tiny openings or holes. If not correctly cared for, they can escalate into tooth decay. A great way to prevent cavities is by:

  • brush twice daily with fluoride toothpaste
  • rinse your mouth with fluoride
  • drink tap water frequently
  • avoid frequent snacking or sipping
  • eat tooth-healthy foods
  • dental sealants
  • fluoride treatments

As mentioned above, the holidays are the perfect time for foods you don’t ordinarily eat. So make sure to include fresh fruits, vegetables, and even unsweetened coffee or tea into your holiday diet to keep your teeth healthy!


Your dental health has a direct correlation with your overall physical health. So by taking care of your teeth, you also care for the rest of your health. Your mouth is one of few places germs and bacteria can enter your body. In addition, some consequences of a lack of brushing, like cavities or gum disease, can directly impact your immune system. Not only does the holiday season bring treats, but it can bring viruses, too, like the common cold and flu. By brushing your teeth and taking care of your oral health, you lower your chances of getting sick or developing other health issues.

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