Fear of the Dentist: Overcoming

 In Dental Care

For some individuals, the thought of visiting a dentist can spur anxiety and horror. Unfortunately, they usually compromise their dental health when avoiding appointments, especially while battling pre-existing oral issues. If you can relate to such an obstacle, read further for information and suggestions to defeat your fear of the dentist.

What is Dental Phobia?

Dental phobia, also known as Dentophobia, consists of irrational apprehension that causes individuals to avoid going to the dentist. Whether it stems from a past childhood experience or occurs suddenly, it can be paralyzing and complicated to handle.

The condition adversely impacts psychological and physical health. However, it can also affect natural actions such as eating, drinking, and speaking. In addition, patients who avoid dental appointments are more vulnerable to gum disease and other complications.

Conquering Your Fear of the Dentist

If you’ve never visited a dentist, you’re likely to be hesitant to learn about the status of your oral health. You may also feel self-conscious about your phobia or concerned about embarrassment or humiliation. Therefore, the first step can be challenging and intimidating. Consider practicing a few methods to overcome nervousness and stress.

1. Bring a Relative or Friend for Support

If you prefer to have a companion accompany you to your appointment, ask your dentist for permission to avoid intruding into office workspaces. Staff usually only allow patients access beyond the front desk and bathroom. However, if you explain your situation, your dentist could make an exception for your guest.

2. Arrive Earlier Than Your Appointment Time

Rushing to your dental appointment can cause agitation. Therefore, the earlier you arrive at the office, the more time you have to prepare mentally and emotionally. A few additional minutes before a procedure can also allow you to interact with the staff, walk around, or get some rest. Also, becoming familiar with the atmosphere is a practical way to get over your fear of the dentist.

3. Tell Your Dentist About Your Fear of the Dentist

Some individuals hesitate to talk about their phobic issues. On the other hand, one key to coping with your fear is to initiate a discussion with your dentist. After expressing yourself in detail,  you can work toward having a pleasant dental experience.

4. Mention Your Concerns That Lead to Your Fear of the Dentist

Make sure to voice your worries or distress during your session. If you’re curious about a treatment procedure or a dental instrument, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Furthermore, alert your dentist before your examination begins if you need a break due to anxiety.

The staff at Wytheville Dental Group can ensure that your next visit is relaxed and unproblematic. We value you and want you to leave our office feeling refreshed and fear-free. To schedule an appointment, contact us to speak to one of our representatives.