Best Teeth Whitening Products

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Teeth stains take away a bright smile and confidence to interact freely. Keep in mind that some whitening products may expose you to teeth sensitivity. That said, we’ve compiled a list of the best teeth whitening products that’ll protect your teeth while still enhancing your smile.

So, whether you’re a coffee-lover or an ex-smoker, try these products at home to restore a brighter, more confident smile.

Colgate Optic White: Best Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Colgate Optic white contains 2% hydrogen peroxide and abrasives for a magical whitening effect. What’s more, it’s ADA-approved with bleaching properties and fluoride for cavity protection. As such, most consumers report minimal irritation or sensitivity compared to other toothpaste brands.

Lastly, it’s a vegan-friendly, sugar-free, and gluten-free toothpaste.

Crest 3D Teeth Whitening Whitestrips

White strips are laminated with hydrogen peroxide that breaks down stains during a one-hour session. Whitestrips contain bleach or peroxide, which works to whiten your teeth. For best results, the manufacturer recommends a 10-day application—once a day for 30 minutes.

Moreover, it is an easy-to-use, affordable, and quick way to remove stains. Even so, only use for the recommended period because prolonged use may cause teeth sensitivity.

Oral-B 3D White Glamorous Shine Rinse

Aside from curative teeth-whitening options like Whitestrips, you can include a mouth wash in your daily oral care routine. Typically, mouthwashes, such as Oral-B White Glamorous Shine Rinse, are made with bacteria-fighting ingredients like:

  • Cetylpyridinium chloride
  • Thymol
  • Zinc gluconate
  • Fluoride

That said, you can leverage Oral—B mouthwash tartar prevention ability to deter stain build-up. Moreover, it strengthens your enamel and offers all-day-long freshness.

Let Us Take Care of All Your Teeth Whitening Needs

Although there exist multiple products in the teeth whitening space, not all brands deliver on their promise to restore a bright smile. At Wytheville dental group, we recommend teeth-whitening products from trusted brands like Colgate, Oral B, Sonicare, and Crest. Learn more here. If you want to go the professional whitening route, we offer different types of teeth whitening in our office.

Contact us today to learn more about reliable and safe best teeth whitening options.